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Easy Micooker (patent acquisition finished) is able to cook speedily because it can just heat with a microwave oven without opening bag, and the hygiene side is preeminence. Such a good point is loved by much major food makers and get some order from them. It is the epoch-making food packing material.

Product specifications

There is "the general-purpose type" for the general frozen foods, "the cool and warm type" can be used for the frozen foods or warm foods. There is "long-term preservation type" was developed to enable preservation for a long term. In addition, because independence stability is good, the display effect is high, we developed "the stand general-purpose type" can be used in wide uses such as a liquid or the paste.

Line of Easy Miccoker

Pouch type of Easy Micooker has the lunch container type of the new product (Patent pending). It has a superior good point of the frozen tolerance, Easy to open, and of course the range up from a sealing up state is possible. Because of the range cooking with the steam, the cooking effect is provided, we can expect the flavor of the food.

Laminate product

In addition to [Easy Micooker], we manufacturing a lot of high-performance products using the laminate. Fit the different kinds of laminate film, make the products which we put together in needs of the food industry with processing technique to make use of each characteristic.